"Every cast member was skilled, everyone was suited to their roles, but my favorite character was the Duchess, played by Talena Viydo."
"A personal favorite was Talena Laine’s ability to change between two characters: Helen (a hot-headed mother) and Judy (an air-headed girlfriend). The characters were portrayed so well, that it took far too long to realize that they were played by the same actress."
"The ensemble cast does have its moments. Laine was hilarious, especially as she was working through which woman she was playing at which time. Viydo too was fun to watch and the two of them were the best at keeping the pace of the group going as much as they could."
"The high-cheekboned Laine, in contrast, is a maven of the deadpan-comedy style. Though essentially the straight man in this misadventure, she sneaks in acidic one-liners and asides with knife-edged precision."
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